Services & Contact

   Skype sessions

For those who travel, live abroad or are too busy to visit me at the office and would like a face to face session.  A 60 minute skype session with camera.  (cost 70euros including VAT).

Skype contact name: MariaStella857


Call sessions or Skype sessions without camera

A way most people prefer to have their sessions. A 60 minute call or skype session without camera. (cost 60euros, including VAT).

Telephone number : +31648027556


E-mail sessions

Writing is therapeutic. It opens the doors to the deepest paths of the soul and reveals  hidden parts of the subconscious mind, allowing us to process, heal and grow. E-mail sessions are scheduled on a pre arranged day of the week and I reply within 24hrs. (cost 35euros/e-mail, including VAT) 


Chat counselling (Viber or WhatsApp)

It is a fact that online chatting has become an easy way to communicate for a lot of people. Many find it easier to express their feelings and thoughts  through messages that are answered in real time. A 40minute chat counselling (cost 35euros, including VAT).

Telephone number : +31648027556



For booking a session or any other inquiries please fill in the form below and I will get back to you.